the-benefits-ofChances are you’ve heard the term “clean eating” before.  But have you wondered what foods are considered clean and why is it important?  I’d like to share with you a little bit about our story of how clean eating has improved our health and fitness – contributing to our combined 150 pound weightloss while allowing us to take several daily medications.

What is clean eating?

When we think of foods that are “clean” we are talking about whole, real foods that have been minimally processed or altered from their natural state.  For instance, juicing is a form of processing as we alter the orange when we put it through a juice to create orange juice.  But this form or processing is nowhere near what happens when foods are processed for commercial sale by stripping away many of the nutrients found in parts of the foods while adding in a bunch of chemicals and food-like products to alter taste or increase shelf life.

When I think of clean eating, I tend to ask myself if what I’m eating is something that my grandparents would have had access to.  There foods were not bleached with chemicals, genetically modified, or combined with artificial colors and flavors to play tricks with the hormones of our body.

Why are processed food bad for us?

When it comes down to processed foods, it’s all about the bottom line.  Food companies are in the business of generating profits and to help the bottom line processing foods allow them to cost less to make, last longer, and increase our consumption.  Processed foods generally have high amounts of extra sugar, sodium, and fat added to them along with various other chemicals to make them taste, small, and look better.

Why should we eat clean?

According to WebMD, when we eat whole foods we are getting the food in its “natural” state.  We are getting food that still has all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients still intact.  According to Tata Gidus, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association eating whole foods has all sorts of benefits.  “If you’re trying to eat a healthier diet, relying on more whole foods is a great place to start,” says Lucia L. Kaiser, PhD, a nutrition specialist from the University of California, Davis.

Many studies have shown the connection between eating a clean diet and the reduction of several diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and certain types of cancers.  And there is a synergy that occurs when many whole foods are eaten together.  The body does not work in compartments but instead everything is connected together.  So when whole foods make up the diet the body can use the nutrients from these foods to optimize the chemical reactions that allow for the fighting of disease, growth, and repair.

Getting started with a clean eating plan

If clean eating is something you would like to begin, then I’d like to invite you to join our next FREE 7 day clean eating challenge.  We will give you the meal plan, grocery list, and videos showing you how to prep your meals.  In addition we will offer support and accountability through our private Facebook groups along with one-on-on assistance as needed.


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Until next time.