7 Day Meal Prep Challenge

FTN 14 day invite picHave you gotten to the point where you are just not happy with how you wake up looking and feeling every day?  I know I was there a few years back.  I didn’t like how cloths were fitting me and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to going to the beach or pool during the summers to take my shirt off in front of others.

My name is Mark Coziahr.  I’m a high school biology and physical education teacher who also happens to be a certified personal trainer and weight management specialist.  I would like to invite you join my next FREE “7 Day Meal Prep Challenge” group so we can begin to reverse of the process and get you back on track to better health and fitness.

What is it?

The “7 Day Meal Prep Challenge” group is a FREE 1-week nutrition and fitness challenge for teachers who are looking for a change but aren’t sure if they are ready to join my next boot camp.  Teachers who join this group must be willing to eat clean (meaning no process foods for the next week) and exercise daily (I will be sharing simple workouts that can be done each day from the privacy of your own home).   The challenge group will happen virtually and be hosted through a private Facebook group where you can support, and receive support from,other challengers.

Why do I need to join?

As teachers we get bogged down with the day to day routines of our profession.  There is always something more we can do to help our students and we frequently put our personal health and fitness on the back burner.  This 1 week challenge will act as a spring board to help you get back on the right track towards a healthier and happier life.

What else should I know before signing up?

Each “7 Day Meal Prep Challenge” participant will receive:

1.  Access to our private Facebook group where daily I will be giving you the instructions and encouragement to help you through the 7 days of the challenge.

2. An easy to follow menu along with a shopping list and recipe videos to help you plan and prepare your meals.

3. A daily workout that can be done from your own home and that will not require any equipment.

4. Our group will open the Friday before to give you time to prepare your kitchen and shop for the foods you will need for the following week.  The group officially starts on a Monday and lasts for 7 days.