PP beachSummer is here and it’s time to relax and go on a vacation.  You’ve been going to the gym and watching what you’ve been eating for weeks (or months) to make sure you can fit into that swimsuit and like what you are going to see when you post your pics on social media.  So why would you undo all of your hard work with a week of overindulging in paradise?  If you are wondering how to not gain weight while on vacation, you are not alone.

The truth is that by following these 4 simple steps you can avoid much of the vacation weight gain that plagues so many others.  In fact, my family and I just spent a week in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico where I was able to test out all of these tips first hand.  And I’m happy to say that my wife and I each weigh a pound less than when we left.

Tip 1. Start your day with a workout

If you enjoy spending your days lounging at the pool or the beach, starting your day with a quick 30 minute workout will help speed up your metabolism and burn those calories throughout the day.  When you check into your hotel, ask at the front desk where the gym is located.  This way you already know where you can to get in an easy round of circuit training if you don’t have a specific workout routine you are currently doing.  Chances are there will be a variety of cardio equipment available too.  If you prefer to exercise outside, a swim in the pool or a run/walk outside a great to get you sweating before breakfast.

Tip 2. Don’t make food the center of your vacation

PP tide poolsIt’s easy to find yourself wanting to have a those desserts at the buffet or a few adult beverages, but don’t go overboard on them.  A good rule of thumb is one treat meal a day.  If you get breakfast, fruit and an egg white omelet are going to be good choices.  For lunch, it’s hard to go wrong with some lean protein and veggies.  It was great when were in Mexico because the beachfront condo we stayed at had a full kitchen.  This allowed us to bring most of our food so we weren’t always going out.  We brought a few coolers and bags with our favorite foods in them to enjoy throughout the week.  If you won’t have a kitchen available to you, a great tip is that you can always pack some foods in your luggage before heading to the airport.  On past trips almond milk, PB2, my Shakeology packets, and a blender bottle have all found their way into my suitcase and I can quickly make a shake as ofe of my daily meals

Tip 3. Stay hydrated

It’s very easy to confuse hunger for thirst and feed your body calories when all it really needs is some water. And if you are going to a location that’s warmer that what you are used to, chances are you are going to need to drink more water than normal (especially if you’ve had a few drinks the night before).  An easy to follow rule is to bring a water bottle with you whenever you leave the room and take sips throughout the day.  It will help prevent dehydration and while limiting hunger cravings.  We actually brought 2 cases of water with us from Costco on our trip and I’m so glad we did.  It was great having something to sip on at the pool so I didn’t feel the need for a beer or one of those drinks with the umbrella in them.

Tip 4. Get active.PP fishing

Before you go on your trip do a little research about what’s available near where you are staying.  Are their places to walk and see the sights?  Are there water sports or beach activities?  Maybe you just like to check out the local shops.  All of these activities will get you moving.  I know for our group we were checking out the tide pools after breakfast, playing in the pool, and then walking (or riding horses) along the beach at sunset.  When I combine these activities with my morning runs along the beach and a few afternoon sessions lifting weights in the gym, I was burning just as many calories each day on vacation as I did back home.

Overall, it was a great trip for my family and these tips all helped me stay on track for my goals without gaining weight.  We can’t wait to go back down there next year and make new memories.  I hope your next trip is full of great memories too.


To your health,