Winter Vacation Ideas


Shorter days and dropping temperatures are signaling that winter vacation isn’t too far away.  But do you have any idea as to how you are going to spend it this year?  More often than not, I get so focused on work that I fail to stop and devote some time to what I’d like to do during our winter vacation.

Over time we have discovered several memorable winter vacation ideas.  If you are trying to make plans, here are some fun winter vacation ideas worth considering.

So What Makes The Best Winter Vacation Ideas?

In my opinion, the best winter vacation ideas are the ones that I keep thinking about years later.  For instance, about five years ago we drove up to a nearby mountain town and rented a cabin for a few days between Christmas and New Years.  As luck would have it, the town had just received snow the day before our arrival turning the whole area into a winter wonderland.  We also brought my step dad with us on this particular trip.  Even though he passed away a year later, I’ll always hold on to the memories of him having snow ball fights with the kids outside of the cabin.


Making memories with grandpa George.

In addition to creating new memories, winter vacation is a perfect time to turn a new leaf.  While we often associate New Years Day with the creating of resolutions, investing in yourself during the winter break will help you build momentum as you look to create new habits and routines.

Here are seven ideas for how you can make the most out of your upcoming winter vacation.

Winter Vacation Ideas for Couples

Before we started having kids, Danielle and I would set aside time for getaways where we could make each other the priority.  We were both starting our teaching careers and during the semester our minds were always filled with what needed to get done for work.  Planning.  Grading.  Spending hours trying to evaluate how we could improve our lessons for the following year.  We were both taking graduate classes as well and I was coaching at this time.  Life was busy.

Physically and mentally removing ourselves from our current routine was something we looked forward to.  These didn’t have to be extravagant trips to different countries or continents (even though we have done a few of these too).  Going up the coast to a bed and breakfast and visiting a few wineries created some fantastic memories that made the winter vacation feel special.  Here are 12 vacation spots for couples to get you started on planning your adventure.

Winter Vacation Ideas for Families

As we began to have kids, our vacations began to look different.  We traded the trips to Las Vegas for Disneyland and began looking for new experiences that everyone would enjoy.  Depending on the ages of your kids, some vacation spots will be a better match than others.  Just remember that the goal is to keep it relaxing and enjoyable.  If you are looking for winter family vacation ideas, here are some great destinations to consider.

Winter Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Not enough funds to fly to Hawaii over winter vacation?  Don’t worry.  There are plenty of winter vacation ideas if you are working with a smaller budget.  While the crowds may be flocking to a tropical island getaway to find warmer weather, there are plenty of deals to be found for locations where winter isn’t considered to be “peak” season.  Here are 12 affordable winter vacation ideas that might be exactly what you are looking for.


Mild winter temperatures make Palm Springs a great December travel spot.

Did Someone say “Road Trip”

Chances are there are some hidden gems for winter vacations within a couple of hours drive from where you live.  This can cut down on travel expenses while also giving you more time to enjoy win your location if it means less time spent getting there.  As crazy as it sounds, the road trip can be half the fun.  Back in college a bunch of buddies and I would load up in a car and get out of town as often as we could.  Jokes would be told.  Bonds would be forged.  And while the destinations were great, the memories we made along the journey would more often then not be the highlight of the trip.

Cold Weather Winter Vacation ideas

If it’s going to be cold during your winter vacation, why not embrace it.  There are plenty of fantastic vacation spots where winter time is “prime” time.  Outside of skying and snowboarding, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the mountains during the winter.  Enjoy a day of shopping in the local boutiques and restaurants.  And drinking a hot chocolate or cider next to the fire place might be exactly what your soul is longing for.  Beyond the towns connected to ski resorts, many of the National Parks can be even more majestic in the winter compared to the summer months.  Here is a list of 10 National Parks to visit during the winter.

Make It A “Staycation” 

Sometimes you just want to stay at home while on vacation.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a “staycation” instead of traveling.  If you live in an urban area, sometimes it can be fun being a tourist in your hometown.  We’ve stayed at a local downtown hotel for a few nights and made a trip (minus the traveling) out of it.  It’s been fun going out to dinner and then just heading back to the room to wind down.

Maybe you don’t even want to leave the house.  If that’s the case, a movie marathon is always a fun thing to do over a vacation.  Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games series are a few that we have watched with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket on the couch. Winter vacation might be the perfect time to watch that Netflix series everyone has been talking about and has been on your list.

Winter Vacation Bucket List Ideas

Winter vacation might be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or start a project.  Maybe you’ve wanted to play guitar, learn to crochet, or make your own sourdough bread from scratch.  With the down time of vacation, you can learn a new skill and work on improving it over a few days or a week without having to squeeze it in around work and other commitments.  If you have some big plans for the next year, there is no need to wait until January 1st to get started.  You could begin working on your New Years Resolutions and get a head start.

Regardless. of what you chose to do, here’s to wishing you a memorable winter vacation.


Talk to you soon,


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